Sunday, December 29, 2013

Westward Advisors Group for Tax and Estate Planning: The LifeStep Process

We work with advisors to determine which of clients could benefit the most from our process, then present the results to you for further discussion and analysis.

This step is designed to identify which clients have the most to gain from an insurance-based tax and estate plan. With Westward's assistance, an advisor should be able to assess whether the plan can create significant benefits for the client. There is no obligation and a client’s identity is not revealed to us.

Several innovative tools are used which have proven very effective in pinpointing who is a strong candidate for a Westward plan:

Ø  The Preliminary Filter – a data analysis tool that identifies potential clients based on their T1 and T2 filings. The software generates a no-names, hierarchical list of the top candidates in just a few minutes, saving you hours of research and taking the hit and miss out of the qualifying process.
Ø  The Preliminary Viewpoint – an easy-to-use eForm that provides us with all the details needed to assess a client’s situation and start building a plan. The data allows us to prepare a plan that is tightly synched to the client’s financial situation and estate goals.

Ø  The Opportunity Filter – Westward's unique risk & reward matrix that plots the performance potential of over 30 insurance-based plans.

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